24 December, 2007

traveler IQ challenge

I'm leaving for India in exactly 2 weeks. I'll be sitting on a plane in San Francisco getting ready for a 16 hour flight to Singapore which will then deliver me and our River Church team to India. After a short night's sleep in Hyderabad we'll get on a bus and head to our final destination about 4 hours away. After many hours of travel we will be with the children of the Kallurigudem Orphanage...literally in the middle of nowhere. India is a wonderful place like that.

In honor of exploring God's amazing earth check out this site and take the "traveler IQ challenge". Anything over 90 is pretty darn good. Anything less and you'd better brush up on your geography.

Traveler's IQ Challenge

22 December, 2007

cruising Andromeda

I took a short flight this weekend to tweak in the weaponry and booster strength of my new, custom spaceship. It was a beautiful trip but much too short. I plan to go back soon and take in the sights of the many planets and stars that are not so unlike those of our own galaxy. Sometimes when I'm out there I pass the time by pondering questions like: Is there such thing as a space wolf and if so, would it travel in space packs? or.. What would happen if I run into a dead astronaut? and.. Do comets have feelings? To tell the truth I don't much care. But isn't my spaceship cool?