14 February, 2011


The church family we are part of, with World Relief, hosted a conference this past weekend. In a word it was excellent. It was so excellent that I couldn't possibly process all of the material so chose to "sit out" several of the sessions just so my brain wouldn't explode. There is so much injustice in the world, so much corruption, so much pain that I simply could not effectively assimilate all that was being presented.

I believe Yahweh is leading me to exercise justice in certain ways. I want to carry the cause of and defend the spiritually oppressed. I want to bring food, water, clothing, shelter and education to as many as I can in India. I want to declare the truth which sets us free in order to defeat lies which bind and take captive. I will follow my God and trust that as He does His work in this world He will allow me, even invite me, to join with Him.