31 July, 2007

Los Greens

Friends. Bi-lingual. Missionaries in Columbia. They stopped in to see us about a week ago. We went downtown to catch the bike race and had some Mexican food and Mexican beer. They're good people.

29 July, 2007

i love my family

photos by brother p. schrock

18 July, 2007

grandparents nearby

my parents recently moved up from socal. they love it here. we love that they are here. it's fun to have them close and to know that they are at peace here in this place. it's also great to be close to better half's parentals. i'm really glad to know that there are grandparents on all sides. that's how kids should grow up - surrounded by family with their granddads and grandmoms close by. God is good to us.

dinner by the river

looking for birds near the canal

15 July, 2007


The terror alert has been raised in Central Oregon this week as signs of a new and insidious foe have been found scattered around the yard of yours truly. Evidence of new devices of harassment and warfare were discovered this morning as I woke from my slumber and decided to take a stroll in my backyard. From what has been found I can only surmise that my enemy is cunning, wise and extremely wily. His strategies seem to include trenching and foxholes while signs of exceptionally smelly bomb fragments were also found. Overall I feel fortunate to still have my life. But I will not back down and in a show of desperation I testify that I have identified the perpetrator to be: Shadow Greeley the Wonder Dog.

He is cute, black and great at chasing flies, his own tail and balls of all sorts. He stores energy like a camel does water and can outrun a cheetah.

13 July, 2007

we're hungry

My brother-in-law has been here for the past week. We've had some good times in the outdoors. Monday we spent the day together with my other bro-in-law at Smith Rock. We were 1 of 3 parties in the entire park with 1500 climb routes practically all to ourselves. We had a great time. My arms are actually still sore today from that climb 5 days ago.

Pete put this image together like a movie poster. I still hungry...

05 July, 2007

musical togetherness

father and son, grooving together. or is it just the son who's doing the grooving? who knows? you can't hear that in a photo. of course, we can see him holding his guitar in the wrong hand with the soundhole facing up. we'll work on that. but hey - maybe he's a natural at the Dobro. what it is also evident is that my son enjoys hanging out with me - wanting to do whatever daddy does. i like that. it's precious to me.

i hope he'll follow in my footsteps - some of them anyway. not all of my steps have been helpful or useful. but God is gracious and has ordered so many of them for my good when they should have ended up hurting me. beauty from ashes. my own son is a reminder of that. he's a beautiful little boy and he's been entrusted to me by my own Father. may i not abuse his trust, O God.

04 July, 2007

so good

there is something mystical to me about a long, warm summer evening. tonight was one of those nights.

03 July, 2007

peace & love

I really like this picture. I like the expressions. I like the feeling it conveys - the ones I feel when I look at it.

I'm thankful for my family.