26 March, 2008

pining for summer

It was cold today. I walked home from my office and decided to go the long way to stretch my legs. While I walked I talked to a friend and literally had to switch phone hands every few minutes. When I got home I couldn't feel my hands and my coat was wet from snowfall. It nearly whited out later during dinner but now the stars are out. The weather is a fun part of Bend. But I must say I'm excited for Spring and Summer when the yard is green and in bloom.

I'm really looking forward to times like these again...

24 March, 2008


For Easter I cut together a short film using footage from The Passion of the Christ.

PC users: right click HERE and select 'save target as' to download and watch. Mac users can select 'Open with QuickTime Player'.

17 March, 2008

15 March, 2008


Here we are together in the bed. I am torturing myself with the latest issue of Surfing magazine as Eli and Curren wrestle together.

This is one of Curren's favorite past-times...removing CDs and eating them.

Bad Curren.