11 October, 2008

sometimes work is fun

A couple weeks ago LJ3 Media was on site for a couple days with a client doing some production. We had a good time with the crew and gathered some great footage.

bad blogger, bad

i'm not very good at doing this regularly. just admitting to something everyone already knows.


24 July, 2008

loving the cob corn

Who me?


Steve and Michelle, not sadomasochism. Think happy thoughts.
We had a good time with them and Everett during their weekend visit. Thanks for getting us hooked on 'The Office' :)


That's what Eli calls it. And that's what these guys are getting ready to do.

NOTE: A battlefight is much more intense than a simple battle or measley fight. You must know this. Especially when the commander is holding a goblet of mead.

01 July, 2008

30 June, 2008

elijah wyatt

Our oldest son is also very much the wisest...out of all of us. He's been correcting us on all sorts of things like song lyrics, what animals eat what foods, what insects do what to people they don't especially like, and of course, our language. For example, we don't say butt, we say bum. We don't say stupid, we say silly...and other such fundamental things that all children must enjoy pointing out to their errant parents.

curren manassa

He's bigger. He's faster. He toddles. He waddles. He's Curren Manassa and his chubby little legs are carrying him into new and unknown parts of our home every day.

03 May, 2008

Eli quotes

While watching a short, animated movie today that he has seen over 10 times he exclaimed, "Dad, the good guys win this time!"

While we were all walking to the park and munching on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Susan piped up and said "If these weren't so bad for me I'd eat them all the time. Eli then added, "If I didn't have a family I could eat cookies all the time too".

About a month ago he said to Susan, "Mommy, can I have one little kiss? I've never had a kiss today."

A few months back Curren had a cold and was sneezing. After he did it twice in a row Eli said, "Mommy, Curren did two bless yous!"

Later when speaking of sneezing while eating Raisin Bran he said "Mom, what happens if I bless a raisin out?"


Here you see Susan tearing it up on her first ever mountain bike ride. She went out with a couple other girls for a 'birthday ride' and loved it. Of course I'm quite pleased with this because I also love to ride. I am believing God for another bike so we can get out there together.

26 March, 2008

pining for summer

It was cold today. I walked home from my office and decided to go the long way to stretch my legs. While I walked I talked to a friend and literally had to switch phone hands every few minutes. When I got home I couldn't feel my hands and my coat was wet from snowfall. It nearly whited out later during dinner but now the stars are out. The weather is a fun part of Bend. But I must say I'm excited for Spring and Summer when the yard is green and in bloom.

I'm really looking forward to times like these again...

24 March, 2008


For Easter I cut together a short film using footage from The Passion of the Christ.

PC users: right click HERE and select 'save target as' to download and watch. Mac users can select 'Open with QuickTime Player'.

17 March, 2008

15 March, 2008


Here we are together in the bed. I am torturing myself with the latest issue of Surfing magazine as Eli and Curren wrestle together.

This is one of Curren's favorite past-times...removing CDs and eating them.

Bad Curren.

12 February, 2008

quiver full

I'm not referring only to my kids - I have great family on both sides. I'm a happy man.

Thanksgiving - Ellis

New Year - Schrock

08 February, 2008

from the past

Circa 1996. Santa Barbara - Rincon - Westmont.

Good Times.

05 February, 2008

Tumalo Mtn.

Jon and I went snowshoeing on Tumalo mountain. Our intention was to go to the top - about 7500ft. As you can see the snow was kinda deep...so we didn't make it...more than about 200 feet up. Instead we followed a trail for a few miles. It was great.

29 January, 2008


I just returned from what is probably my favorite place in the world other than here. India is magical. With generous and beautiful people, a tropical yet arid landscape, a diverse, spiritual and colorful culture and endearing friends I couldn't ask for more in the partnership I have with Harvest India. I am blessed among men.

Click here for a slideshow of my favorite images from this year's time.

Click here to link to our team's blog for stories and more photographs.

God is very, very good.