12 February, 2009

25 little known things about me

1. I like to bike and run but only on trails. If I can see my destination I don't enjoy the exercise.

2. I'll eat Thai food for any occasion, on any day of the year at any time. How about now? Anyone want to make a Thai run?

3. Swimming is one of my favorite ways to exercise and relieve stress but sometimes I get so bored that it's hard to commit.

4. I have eaten black monkey. Before cooking/eating we had to get our meat back to camp so I wore the little beast like a backpack with his arms tied around my neck.

5. I consider reading to be a stimulating activity. I also sometimes use it to help me fall asleep.

6. The heaviest I've ever been is 205 pounds. That was a dark time in my life.

7. I think truth is one of the most important terms and ideas of our day yet also the most over-looked, underrated and ill-defined.

8. I really miss surfing and days at the beach. The ocean is a wonderful thing. But thankfully, so are mountains and we have lots of those here.

9. My favorite publication is National Geographic. Even though I've been a member in the past I've never read through an entire magazine except when not at home and usually on the toilet at my in-laws' house.

10. I sometimes think people who work 4 day work weeks have it good. But then I think "I'd like to meet someone who works a 3 day work week. That would be even better."

11. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I value communication in my relationships and talk with most of my friends a few times per week. But the same tech also keeps my phone ringing, my email popping and my brain fried so that I can't wait to turn my cell off when I get home.

12. I once hunted and shot a cayman. I wasn't prepared for the shotgun's recoil and almost fell backwards out of the canoe. People laughed at me. It was dark so nobody saw me blushing.

13. One of my favorite sports to play is softball. I enjoy the sense of team that is required to win and I love the Americana of baseball but with lots more action. But it's super embarrassing to strike out in softball.

14. Last year I really got into clove cigarettes. I kinda started to like them too much so I quit a month ago.

15. I burp more than I fart. Ask anyone I work with.

16. I am fiercely competitive to the point of wrecking other people's fun...especially in table games. Dutch Blitz anyone?

17. I sometimes imagine myself as a mixed martial arts hero, conquering evil with my amazing combination of physical prowess and humble wisdom. Then I shift my weight on the couch and try to beat the next level.

18. I think conservation is important. I believe people are responsible to wisely rule over the resources of the earth. I believe the earth is gradually getting warmer. I do not believe humans have anything to do with it.

19. I like to talk to God. I do this when I hike, drive, ride my bike or any other activity where I find myself alone. I often do it out loud and sometimes people look at me funny.

20. My wife is my best friend and we have a really good marriage. She makes just about everything in life better...including dinner. She's a good cook.

21. I am a curious person. I like to ask the questions "Why" and "How".

22. I have spent hundreds of hours in airplanes over the past several years. Most of that time has been spent with my knees touching the seat-back in front of me.

23. I have a sensitive spirit. I often cry during movies when I identify strongly with the characters and their emotions. Even silly movies make me cry - like "Armageddon" or "Cars".

24. I gauge my fitness level by how many chins I have at any given time. Right now it's just one so I'm in good shape.

25. I had poison oak on my honeymoon. It was everywhere. Everywhere.

16 January, 2009

Tippilakatta & Belatejessu

Production Day 1

-Peter in the banana orchard

-Small boy from Belatejessu

-Widow from elderly home

-Relaxing with Suresh

14 January, 2009

Off to India

We are on our way to India to make a documentary film about an organization called Harvest India. We're running the project through our sister production company Emote360, which is an organization that exists to help other non-profits enhance themselves and their vision with the use of multimedia. It's really fun that we're finally getting a project off the ground with Emote in this way.

Please pray for safety & health while traveling and while on the ground in India. For more detailed information please visit this LINK which explains the purpose of the trip, the schedule, our funding needs and various ways you can help.

We do still need to raise a small amount of money to cover the total project costs. Any donations over $25 will receive the final DVD that we produce for Harvest India as a 'Thank You' gift for helping us. Visit our Donations Page to find out more information.