03 May, 2008

Eli quotes

While watching a short, animated movie today that he has seen over 10 times he exclaimed, "Dad, the good guys win this time!"

While we were all walking to the park and munching on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Susan piped up and said "If these weren't so bad for me I'd eat them all the time. Eli then added, "If I didn't have a family I could eat cookies all the time too".

About a month ago he said to Susan, "Mommy, can I have one little kiss? I've never had a kiss today."

A few months back Curren had a cold and was sneezing. After he did it twice in a row Eli said, "Mommy, Curren did two bless yous!"

Later when speaking of sneezing while eating Raisin Bran he said "Mom, what happens if I bless a raisin out?"


Here you see Susan tearing it up on her first ever mountain bike ride. She went out with a couple other girls for a 'birthday ride' and loved it. Of course I'm quite pleased with this because I also love to ride. I am believing God for another bike so we can get out there together.